Who We Are

Digital Marketing Experts

Law Review™ is focused on making it easier for law firms nationwide to listen to their clients, improve their clients experiences and generate online reviews. We’re fanatical about simple but powerful steps to engage your clients to help you be the best Law Firm.

Whether you are a solo practitioner with just one location or a Law Firm with multiple locations nationwide, we can serve your needs.


Ignorance of your client’s experience is not bliss. Law Review™ aims to make gathering client feedback simple and empowering with our convenient client feedback platform.

Today’s consumer seeks out and trusts online reviews from websites and apps like Avvo, Google, Lawyers.com, Yelp and more to make their legal hiring decisions. Make sure your satisfied clients are helping you market and gain your next customer.

Our Team

Law Review™ was founded and is managed by an experienced team of online marketers that possess exceptional backgrounds in local search, online reviews, mobile marketing and digital advertising.

With over 20 years of experience in helping both solo practitioners and Big Law Firms win online, we have the combined expertise and technology in our Law Review™ platform to provide your Practice with results.

What We Do

Learn How Can We Help You

Law Review™ gives your Law practice a convenient client feedback and online review platform.

Client Feedback

  • Automated platform
  • Private feedback loop
  • Solicit feedback and comments
  • Generate website testimonials
  • Correct bad client experiences

Online Reviews

  • Encourage positive online reviews
  • Head-off negative reviews
  • Connects with over 40 review sites, including Avvo, Lawyers.com, LawyerRatingZ
  • Monitor online review growth
  • Improve Google local search rankings