The Quick Guide To Getting Started With Client Feedback & Online Reviews

We put together this quick guide to get you up and running with Law Review™ to gather client feedback and encourage online reviews in a fast but educational process.

Welcome to Law Review™

We’re excited you’ve chosen Law Review™ as your platform for client feedback and online reviews. This quick guide will help you get your account set up and your law firm started gathering client feedback. While Law Review is a very robust platform, this guide is focused on the basics to get you up and running.

This quick guide will show you how to:

  1. Add your first Firm location into Law Review™
  2. Choose the review websites you want to encourage reviews for
  3. Customize the feedback emails and landing pages your clients see
  4. Set your alerts and notifications for your account
  5. Add your client list of emails (or other methods to engage clients)

Building A Better Firm

We’re excited to work with you and feel that our product will help you in your goal to build a better Firm by listening to your clients. Law Review™ is a proven platform and process to gain customer insights and feedback by offering:

  • Consistency – Ask all of your clients for feedback
  • Simplicity – Once set-up, just add clients and work to improve
  • Clarity – Capture data like Net Promoter Score, ratings and testimonials

The Process

Law Review™ uses a process of emails and landing pages to communicate with your clients by requesting feedback, capturing Net Promoter Score, segmenting their experiences (positive or negative) and encouraging online reviews.

This basic flow chart below will help you visualize this process and how to customize the system to personalize your communications with your clients.

DIAGRAM A: This diagram outlines the touch points that Law Review™ provides for communicating with your clients. It is made up of a combination of email and landing pages.

Law Review - Flow Chart

1. Adding A Location

Add Your First Firm Location

Law Review™ starts with creating a profile for a Firm location. If you are a one-location Firm, then just adding your location is all you need. If you have 3 locations, you will need to create a Firm location for each profile (this is because each location will have it’s own data and online review profiles). Here’s how to add your Firm locations:

  • Click ADD BUSINESS button in the upper left of screen.
  • Complete the business contact and location information.
  • Select the BUSINESS TYPE that most accurately describes your business, and the BUSINESS SUBTYPE if prompted, as these selections are part of your Testimonial Widget and code installation, and provide SEO benefits.

Additional Locations

If you have multiple business locations, repeat this process and add each location to the Law Review™ platform.
***If you have more than 25 locations nationwide, please contact us so we can provide a bulk location upload spreadsheet.

2. Choose Your Review Websites

In this step you will select which online review websites you want to direct positive clients to write a review on. Keep in mind you will need to set these review sites FOR EACH LOCATION, as each location will have a different profile link on these sites to leave reviews specific to that location/profile. You can vary review sites per each location, you can add or delete review sites at any time and you can also re-order them at anytime (just drag and drop).

  • Select the location you want to add review sites for, unless you have just one location; in this case, then you will already be in that location.
  • Select SETTINGS on the main menu and then select ONLINE REVIEW LINKS from the drop down menu.
  • Select the review site you want to add from the drop down, and click ADD PROFILE.
  • Go to a new window or tab in your Internet browser and go to the profile page of your business on that site. You want to copy/paste the URL of that profile/listing into that site’s profile you selected in Law Review™.

EXAMPLE: Adding the Avvo Profile for a lawyer in New York

Avvo Profile:

When you add the link for the profile, hit ENTER and it will save that review site in Law Review™. (See below)

Avvo Review Site

When saved/added you will notice the green check mark in the upper right corner, as pictured above.

★ Pro Tip: We have found that a small amount of choice is best when it comes to your selection of online review websites. Try to select between 2 to 4 total. Just one makes a customer feel forced and too many choices can be overwhelming. Give a few options for the best response rate.

3. Customize Your Feedback Emails And Landing Pages

Email Templates

Let’s go through the client communication process of emails and landing pages we outlined in Diagram A (page 4). You will notice the email content has “tags” in certain spots. These “tags” will pull content/information from the Law Review™ platform. We recommend not changing these unless you are positive you know what you are changing. For example, removing the [review-links] tag in an email will cause your review sites to not show in the emails. If you have any questions about these tags, don’t hesitate to contact us at and we will be glad to help you. Here’s how to customize your emails:

  • Click SETTINGS and then select EMAIL TEMPLATES in the drop down
  • Feedback Request Email – This is the first communication to your client, once you add their email address to Law Review™. This initial email thanks your client for their business and asks them to give you feedback. Review this text, and use it “as-is” or edit the content as you wish.
  • Positive Feedback Email – This email is a follow-up email AFTER the customer has left you a rating and feedback. Review this text and use it “as-is” or edit the content as you wish.
  • Negative Feedback Email – This email is a follow-up after a poorly rated experience on the rating and feedback page. Review this text and use it “as-is” or edit the content as you wish.
  • Feedback Request Sender Email – This field is pre-populated with the account owners email to show who the feedback request email is coming from.
  • Add your logo as the platform will display in all client communications. We’ve found that adding a logo increases response rates. Max width of the logo file is 260 pixels.
  • Email picture. This 160×160 photo will show in the right rail of the feedback request email. If you do not add one, a map of your location will display. We’ve found that adding a picture of you or your staff makes the email more personal and increases response rates.

Feedback Settings

The Feedback settings page has many options to help you customize the feedback process. As this is intended to be a Quick Start guide we will not cover them all, but we have already checked the important ones and you are free to review each item on this page more in-depth. Don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions.

  • Click SETTINGS, then FEEDBACK SETTINGS in the drop down.
  • Include Links To Review sites is checked by default
  • Show Descriptive Text Next To Online Review Links is checked by default
  • Positive Feedback Page Threshold – We set this at “7”, meaning all customers rating you a “7” or higher will be asked to review you online, those rating you a “6” or lower will be asked what could have been better. We choose this setting based on the Net Promoter Score levels.
  • Positive Feedback Page – This page displays for users that rate you a “7” or higher and asks them to REVIEW YOU ONLINE.
  • Negative Feedback Page – This page displays for customers rating you “6” or lower and asks for more feedback so you can follow up with them.
  • Feedback Page Banner – This image displays as a visual element to your landing page. It should be 760 pixels wide by 250 high. This image could show your staff, your building (inside or exterior) or any other branding element.
  • Feedback URL – This short link can be used to land customers directly on your feedback page. Many firms include this link on a web page, in their email signature, on printed postcards, or any existing communications they already have going out to your clients.

4. Alerts And Notifications

Notification Settings

Once again we have “pre-checked” the basic settings for you on this page. Let’s cover the ones we have selected by default:

  • Click SETTINGS and then NOTIFICATION SETTINGS in the drop down.
  • Send Feedback Alert Notifications – This determines who receives the emails when your clients leave you feedback via the Law Review™ platform. You are the account owner and business owner. (You can set –up additional users in the system for staff/team members)
  • Which Alerts – Our initial recommendation is that you receive all feedback, so BOTH POSITIVE & NEGATIVE is checked.
  • Send New Online Review Alerts – This field is to designate who receives email alerts when we detect new online reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, etc. You can add more than one email address to this field, just separate them by commas.
  • Send Performance Report – We deliver your performance report to your email inbox weekly or monthly (your choice). Enter the email(s) you want to receive the report. You can also access this report at anytime in the platform by clicking on REPORTS menu, and then by clicking on PERFORMANCE REPORT.

5. Add Your Email List Of Clients

Law Review™ offers many different ways to acquire feedback from your clients. The most common way is to use your client’s email address to ask them for feedback.

  • To upload an email list, click IMPORT CUSTOMERS.
  • To upload an email list, create a simple spreadsheet with customer email addresses with three columns: FIRST NAME (Column A), LAST NAME (Column B) and EMAIL (Column C) in an Excel Spreadsheet or CSV file.
  • Once you have added a list of emails, you will want to set Automatic Mode to send them out. Click on the COMMUNICATION METHOD link in the upper right of the Customer Dashboard.
  • Change the setting from MANUAL to AUTOMATIC
  • Set the number of emails to be sent per day

Pro Tip: When setting the AUTOMATIC mode, you may want to consider the normal amount of clients you see in a month. If you are uploading your email list of new clients once a month, set the emails per day to clear that list in 30 days. If you are uploading a list of 600 clients from 6 months worth of transactions, you will want to drop that out over 2 or 3 months. It is BEST to mimic your real world customer cycle.

Example: Average of 150 customers/emails per month, set to 5 per day.
Average of 450 customers/emails per month, set to 15 per day.

*** DO NOT send out all of your requests in one day (our setting helps regulate this). This approach will hamper the dates on your Testimonial Widget display and can also trigger filtering by the online review sites like Google, Facebook and Yelp when multiple reviews show up on one day. The search engines and review sites are looking for a slow, steady and natural flow of reviews, otherwise they get suspicious and start filtering them.

Add A Single Email

  • To add a single customer, select ADD CUSTOMER from the Customer Dashboard. Add their first name, last name, email address and then check “Send feedback request immediately”.

You’re Up And Running, What’s Next?

We’ve covered the basics to have you up and running with Law Review™. We’re hoping this Quick Start Guide will help you build better relationships with your valuable customers. Following the tips in this guide will help you get feedback from your customers that you can use as Testimonials on your website, and build a steady flow of online reviews on the major online review sites as well.

Some Next Steps to Explore

  • Make sure you are getting all of your clients into the platform.
  • Explore combining multiple methods for reminding clients to give you feedback by using email, a handout, the short URL and personal asks.
  • IMPORTANT: Once clients have provided feedback through Law Review™, install/embed the Testimonial Widget on your website.
  • Share your Performance Reports with your staff to involve everyone in customer satisfaction and online reviews.